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Company data

FEMARK is one of the leading research companies in the Russian Far East. Our company provides marketing and sociological research services in different economy sectors and market segments. In our researches we use a scientific approach and modern methodological course books in application of quantitative and qualitative methods.

FEMARK takes part in many Russian and international research projects. We have a supervisor network in towns and cities of Primorsky region and cooperate with many marketing and sociological centers of the European part of Russia, Siberia and Far East. This makes it possible for us to do research works all over the Far Eastern region as well as in other cities in the Russian territory.

Our services:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Public opinion polls
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Research of competitive environment
  • Analysis of promotion channels
  • Measurement of wholesale and retail distribution
  • Trading area and merchandising assessment
  • Product and package testing
  • Advertising material testing
  • Mass media audience analysis
  • Advertisement efficiency analysis
  • Trademark design and testing

Quantitative researches:

  • Personal interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Expert questions
  • Consumer and expert panels
  • Retail audit
  • Content analysis and mass media monitoring

Qualitative researches:

  • Depth interview
  • Focus groups
  • Ethnographic visits
  • Behavioral protocol analysis
  • Projective techniques (association tests, word and drawing techniques)


  • Mystery Shopping
  • Hall-test
  • Home-test
  • Desk study
  • Experiments, measurements and observations

Our principles:

  • High quality of the information provided
  • Openness, adaptability, and readiness to work for the result, in our Customers’ interests
  • Responsibility in respect of the undertaken obligations
  • Observance of public morals, business ethics and confidentiality principles
  • Continuous self-improvement and professional growth

Professional activities of our agency are determined by European Society of Research Professionals ESOMAR standards www.esomar.org, www.ram.ru.

Our address:

690091, Russia,
Vladivostok, 3 Mordovtsev St., office 505
FEMARK (Far Eastern Marketing Agency Co., Ltd.)
Tel.: +7 (423) 222 49 28
Tel.: +7 (423) 222 18 28
Fax: +7 (423) 222 16 02
E-mail: info@femark.ru